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Jim Hoehn: Home

CN_combo_vertical_resized.jpgJim Hoehn is a career journalist/author/songwriter who has carved out a surprisingly successful niche as a performing songwriter since first stumbling out of the pressbox with a guitar.

During his journalism career – much of it spent as a sportswriter – Hoehn has covered everything from plane crashes to murder trials to the Super Bowl and the Hong Kong 7s rugby tournament.

As a source of family editorial pride, he’s also the guy who broke the Jeffrey Dahmer story for the National Enquirer.

His latest release is the aptly titled “Collection Notice,” a selection of 15 original songs from his four previous recordings, “Silhouette of a Fool,” “Royalty Check Hotel,” “Deadline Penitentiary,” and “Playa del Pressbox.”

If nothing else, it makes a fabulous drink coaster.

music, music, music


Laid Back Attack, July 7-10, Olympia, Wash. - It's so big, LBA has to use Roman numerals like the Super Bowl. LBA XIV, at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia. Line-up includes Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band; Young Rebel Goombas; Stars on the Water; Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe; James 'Sunny Jim' White; Brittany Kingery w/Rob Hill; Mark Mulligan; Drop Dead Dangerous; Kelly McGuire; Jimi Pappas & John Patti; Bob Karwin; Dave McKenney; Dennis Davis and yours truly.

Back in the pressbox !!!


After all these years, I still enjoy sitting in a pressbox or courtside. I'm fortunate to be back in the pressbox at Miller Park and Safeco Field for AP and As schedules allow, assignments also have included college football and basketball; high school football, basketball and hockey; horse racing; and several feature stories.

As I've often said - and continue to say - I still like doing this. Or, as Paul Simon said, "Still crazy after all these years."  Here's a link to the majority of my stories for AP.

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