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Jim Hoehn: Home

CN_combo_vertical_resized.jpgJim Hoehn is a career journalist/author/songwriter who has carved out a surprisingly successful niche as a performing songwriter since first stumbling out of the pressbox with a guitar.

During his journalism career – much of it spent as a sportswriter – Hoehn has covered everything from plane crashes to murder trials to the Super Bowl and the Hong Kong 7s rugby tournament.

As a source of family editorial pride, he’s also the guy who broke the Jeffrey Dahmer story for the National Enquirer.

His latest release is the aptly titled “Collection Notice,” a selection of 15 original songs from his four previous recordings, “Silhouette of a Fool,” “Royalty Check Hotel,” “Deadline Penitentiary,” and “Playa del Pressbox.”

If nothing else, it makes a fabulous drink coaster.

music, music, music


July 20-23, Laid Back Attack, Olympia, Wash.

Sep 28-Oct 1, Galveston Bay Songwriters Festival, Kemah, Texas

Nov 1-5, Meeting of the Minds, Key West, Fla.

More Dates To Be Added

Rearview Mirror

March 19 - Opening for Marty Stuart, Eau Claire Regional Art Center, Eau Claire, Wis. - tickets

March 24-25 - This Hotel Room, Mpls, Minn.

March 31 - Pirates in the Desert, Tommy Rockers, Las Vegas, Nev.

May 17-21 - Texas one-nighters tour
Wed-17 - Pirates & Poets, T-Bone Toms, Kemah
Thur- 18 - Coolers Ice House, Lake Charles, La.
Fri-19 - Galveston Bay PHC Happy Hour, Aspens Bar, Clear Lake Shores
Sat-20 - Houston PHC Happy Hour, Bayou Sports Bar, Houston
Sun-21 - House concert, San Antonio

Back in the pressbox !!!
(and courtside and sideline)


After all these years, I still enjoy sitting in a pressbox or courtside. I'm fortunate to be back in the pressbox at Miller Park and Safeco Field for AP,, and a wide range of daily papers. As schedules allow, recent assignments have included the NFL (still love Lambeau Field), college football and basketball; high school football, basketball and hockey; Major League Soccer; horse racing; and feature stories.

As I've often said - and continue to say - I still like doing this. Or, as Paul Simon said, "Still crazy after all these years."  Here's a link to the majority of my recent stories for AP.

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